Sound Express

A Barbershop Quartet

Sound Express Quartet

Bass: Jim G.  Bari: John  Lead: Jim S.  Tenor:Ted   

                    Sound Express started in 2015 as a support quartet for the Delta Kings Chorus. In order to make
              this happen,  the foursome required finances to acquire music, coaching support and matching shirts.
                Their repertoire is growing  and the quartet has performed with the Delta Kings Chorus and on its own.
Though a relatively new quartet, they have significant experience individually.

                    Jim Sherlock (lead) has been singing in church since age 6, and in high school in a quartet, octet, and mixed
                    ensemble. Jim has been singing with the Delta Kings for 20 years, with more than ten of them in quartets.

                    Ted May (tenor) has been quarteting since his college days and is a 37 year member of the Barbershop Harmony
                    Society.  Ted has sung in several quartets over the years and is the junior member of this group.

                    John McCarthy (baritone) has been a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society for 32 years. John has been
                    an active member, singing in various quartets and choruses in both Ohio and Florida.

                    Jim Garrity is new to the Delta Kings, but not to barbershop. Jim has been on the International competition
                    stage in a quartet and chorus in the past, but now sings more for the fun of it.

                    Operating in the Greater Cincinnati area, Sound Express enjoys singing barbershop harmony
whenever they can, and has sung in some unusual venues.

We would like to sing for you!


Contact Ted May (513) 868-6037  or email for availability!
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